OrganikTools is an email marketing platform that makes it easy to "BUILD, SEND and TRACK" emails. Our goal is to provide email marketing services that are not only easy to use, but also extremely powerful. With OrganikTools, you can quickly build and send beautiful looking campaigns or email newsletters within a few minutes. You can then track it and see how it performs.


As if that's not enough, OrganikTools does much more. OrganikTools is a comprehensive online platform that helps businesses stay organized. The OrganikTools platform includes: a robust CRM (client relationship management) system, contact database project management system, invoicing system, social media management deck and SMS marketing tool just to name a few.


- Proffessional looking emails - 100 flexible templates adjust to meet your needs
- CRM - Customized contact management with integrated social networking tools.
- Social Network Marketing - Send microblogs to all the major social networks.
- SMS Marketing - Send text messages to all your opt-in contacts.
- Surveys - Improve your product or service by conducting surveys. Best of all, we don't charge extra for this feature like the other guys.
- Calendar and Events - Schedule events. Even collect entry fees for paid-attendance.
- Project Management - Manage all your projects and tasks in one place.
- Tracking - Real-time charts and statistics confirm the success of your campaigns.
- Agency Services - Let us create a branded newsletter that matches the look and feel of your website to enhance your company's image and reinforce your brand.













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